Measure, Analyse, Take action

A simple, easy to use sensor that provides accurate, localised data

Adjusting the use of resources to the specific needs of the plant generates significant benefits


Our plug and play sensor allows for seamless data collection, from the farm to your smartphone


Apply the latest phenological and disease models to monitor trends and assess risk

Take action

Use real-time and historical data to support decisions. Cut costs by regulating resources like water and fertilizer

Knowledge of soil and environment enables farms to make accurate decisions

Sensor Features

Very easy to use, install it yourself

High accuracy fully calibrated sensors

Ultra low power electronics & high efficiency solar panel

Soil moisture capacitive sensing, no degradation over time

Cost effective hardware and connectivity

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Powerful software

Aggregate your data from multiple sensors and fields

Get notifications based on trends

Use local weather stations and satellite data

Predict diseases and insect growth

Access your data securely from anywhere

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